We try to increase awareness of cancer: foundations’ reps

Joanna Łojko, the head of Rak’N’Roll foundation and Tigran Torosian, the medical director of the DKMS foundation, told PolandIN about the ways both organisations are helping people suffering from cancer.

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“The aim of our foundation is to find new ways of talking about cancer, to break the taboo surrounding the disease, use bolder language to talk about it in a positive way,” Ms Łojko said.

DKMS foundation helps in finding donors for people who need a bone marrow transplant. “We are basically saying ‘delete the blood cancer,’” Mr Torosian said. He added that his organisation mainly helps people with leukaemia and other haematological diseases.

Both organisations are also trying to increase awareness of cancer, ways of preventing it and dealing with this problem.

According to the data of the World Health Organisation for 2018, cancer was responsible for 9.6 mln deaths all over the world.

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