Poll tracker: Ruling party takes narrow lead ahead of European Coalition

Were the elections to the European Parliament to be held in Poland now, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) would be victorious, according to the latest poll by the Poland Press Group and the Good Opinion Research Centre. The candidates from the lists of the European Coalition, Spring and Kukiz'15 would also win their berth to Brussels.

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Recent polls saw the ruling party’s support decreasing, but PiS would still receive the most votes among all the blocks. PiS would take a narrow lead (40.7 percent of votes) ahead of the European Coalition (38.3 percent).

The electoral threshold would also be reached by the Spring party (7.4 percent), and the Kukiz’15 movement (6.3 percent). The Confederation KORWiN Braun Liroy Narodowcy, with a score of 3.9 percent, would not make it to the European Parliament.

Such results mean that PiS would win 23 seats, the European Coalition would take 22, while Spring and Kukiz'15 would get four and three seats respectively.

As the survey shows, predominantly women constitute groups of voters for PiS, European Coalition and Spring, while the electorate of Kukiz'15 and the Confederation are largely men. The vast majority of the PiS electorate come from rural areas and small towns, while the voters for all the other aforementioned parties come mainly from cities.

When it comes to age groups, the youth (18-29 years old) would more eagerly vote for the Confederation (42.7 percent of the electorate), Kukiz’15 (40.3 percent) and Spring (35 percent). The European Coalition has the highest number of voters in the range of 30-44 years (29.4 percent), while in the group of PiS voters, 36 percent are over 60 years old.