Weeded out: suspects arrested for distributing drugs in prison

Polish law enforcement agencies arrested 12 suspects, including a prison guard, accused of distributing drugs in prison, and interrogated four.

The charges concern several organised crime groups cooperating with each other and dealing with at least 330kg of marijuana and over 19kg of amphetamines worth over PLN 10 million (EUR 2.34 mln) in Lower Silesia region of Poland.

“Last week’s investigation led to the detention of 12 people. Another four people were brought to the prosecutor’s office from prisons where they are serving their sentences,” a police spokesperson was quoted as saying by Polish news agency, PAP.

One of the suspects in the drug bust is a prison guard in Wrocław [south-west Poland], the representative added.

According to the investigators, the members of the group delivered drugs to one of the penitentiaries in Wrocław, that were then distributed among prisoners. A stun gun and expandable baton were recovered.

If found guilty, the accused face up to 15 years in prison.