All exams taking place without problems: education min

Poland’s Education Minister Anna Zalewska said that all exams in all schools are taking place according to procedures and the law with no problems.

“Every exam in every school is taking place in accordance with the procedures and the law with no problems,” said Minister Anna Zalewska, adding that 370,000 pupils from approximately 13,000 primary schools took the exam.

The pupils sat the Polish language exam at 9 am despite the ongoing nationwide teachers’ strike that has been taking place in numerous Polish schools.

On Tuesday, the pupils will sit the final exam in mathematics and on Wednesday in a chosen foreign language.

Ms Zalewska stressed the difference between the former middle school final exam and the current primary school finals that lies within a larger number of open exercises at the expense what the minister called “testomania”, namely closed exercise in ABCD format.

“We want, first and foremost, to congratulate pupils on the first exam day. We also want to thank principles and teachers who are by their pupils’ side, volunteers, curators and provincial heads,” said Ms Zalewska.