Record 95,000 people walk extreme ‘Way of the Cross’

This year as many as 95,000 people walked the dozens-of-kilometres-long Extreme Way of the Cross (EDK) consisting of 986 routes all over Poland.

“The EDK is a phenomenon of our times,” stressed the EDK spokesperson Father Jarosław Raczak, adding that “more and more people participate to go through this experience in the times when we hear about people withdrawing from engagement with the Church. Not only believers take part in this Way of the Cross but also those in search of God our Lord.”

“We may easily say that the EDK is a form of evangelisation,” said Father Raczak, adding that the factor that draws people to walking kilometres-long routes in the middle of the night is precisely a meeting with God that occurs in such conditions.

The EDK spokesperson also said that the extremity of this year’s Way of the Cross lay with difficult weather conditions such as precipitation of rain mixed with snow, ice-cold wind and low temperature oscillating around zero degrees Celsius during the night of April 12/13 when the largest number of pilgrims set out.

This year the EDK was organised in 19 countries all over the world. Another novelty of this edition is the EDK app that once downloaded can be used to play audio recordings of Open Individualities’ Community (WIO) testimonies whose goal was to “transform abstract truths to individual spiritual experience.”

The WIO is an NGO that bases its work on four pillars: individuality, encounters, meditation and the Church. The organisation’s goal is to form people’s individuality so that they can consciously and responsibly govern their lives. “We stress self-development but not for the sake of development itself. The spirit of our actions is a daily prayer,” reads the WIO website.