Bernese Group’s member awarded Righteous Among Nations

Konstanty Rokicki, the Polish consul in Bern during WWII, who was instrumental in saving about a thousand Jews, was recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

Bernese Group paved way for non-Polish WWII consuls who saved Jews

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According to the information by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, the information is to be made public soon.

On this occasion, tonight Poland IN will air the “Paraguayan passports”, a documentary telling the story of the Bernese Group. The screening will start at 8 pm CET.

Konstanty Rokicki was a member of the so-called Bernese group, a group of Polish diplomats and Jewish activists in Switzerland during WWII. They elaborated a system to illegally produce Latin American passports in order to save European Jews from the Holocaust. It was led by Poland’s Ambassador to Switzerland at that time, Aleksander Ładoś.

The group forged passports for over 2,000 people. Thanks to Mr Rokicki’s commitment, at least 800 people were saved from death camps.

Recently, the Polish Ambassador to Switzerland Jakub Kumoch revealed that Mr Rokicki lived in extreme poverty as a political refugee after he refused to serve the Soviet-imposed Polish communist government in 1945. He died in July 1958 in Lucerne.