‘The march tries to show soldiers who gave their lives for our country’

PolandIN spoke with Mariusz Dawidko, a member of the reconstruction group “Radosław”, about the Katyń massacre and the commemorative “March of Shadows” which was organised earlier this month.

12th Katyn March of Shadows commences in Warsaw

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Every year, April 13 marks World Remembrance Day for the Victims of the Katyn Massacre. On that day in 1943, the Nazi Germans announced the discovery of mass graves of Polish citizens in Katyn Forest.

“Talking about Katyń is hard for Polish people, especially when we could not talk about it for such a long time,” Mr Dawidko said.

He also talked about the reconstruction group’s efforts to organise the march, as well as the reasons why the march took place in complete silence.

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