Warsaw wants Germany to rebuild local landmark: Bild

There are unofficial suggestions that Warsaw wants Berlin to pay for the reconstruction of the Saxon Palace − a building destroyed during WWII − the German tabloid “Bild” states.

“Now it could be that Germans pay for the reconstruction of the Saxon Palace in Warsaw − almost 75 years after the annihilation orgy by the Nazi German Wehrmacht in Poland’s capital,” the daily adds.

“Warsaw wishes to reconstruct the former splendid castle from the early 18th century. But it is unclear who will bear the immense construction costs that could run into hundreds of millions [of euro].

“Poland hopes that the planned building where the Senate (upper house of the Polish parliament) will be located, will be financed by Germany.”

Besides quoting Polish President Andrzej Duda who said that the building is “an integral part of the national legacy”, the newspaper states that during a 2018 conference in Berlin, there were comments about “German contribution to the reconstruction of the building”.

According to Polish news site wPolityce.pl quoted by Bild, reconstruction of the building would cost PLN 700 million (EUR 163.76 mln).

Demolished by Nazi Germans in 1940s, the Saxon Palace was one of the most distinctive buildings in pre-war Warsaw, Poland.