Highest number of forest fires in April in ten years

The third highest degree of fire hazard, in forests, has been announced throughout Poland by the Forest Research Institute (IBL). It is effective as of Friday, April 19, 7 P.M. CET to Monday, April 22.

Only on Thursday, 156 fires broke out in Polish forests. From the beginning of April 1,709 were recorded countrywide, which is the highest number of fires in April in 10 years.

In forests, and at a distance of less than 100 metres from them, it is forbidden to light bonfires or to light any fire. Among others, the burning of grasses or branches, on fields adjacent to forests and wooded areas is also prohibited.

In the hazardous areas it is also forbidden to smoke, except on paved roads and other designated places.

Due to the lack of rainfall, litter humidity, both in the morning and afternoon hours, is very low and fluctuates around 8-12 percent. According to IBL, as many as 90 percent of forest fires occur when the humidity of the litter falls below 20 percent. Infrequent showers and storms reduce the risk of fire only temporarily and locally.

The Forest Research Institute calls for increased caution.