E-sport: Polish national FIFA team meets President

“If we can say that chess and bridge are sports, it means that e-sport, developing manual skills, as well as the reflexes of players, undoubtedly can be included in this category,” the President said to the members of Poland’s national team of the video football game FIFA.

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The initiator of the establishment of the FIFA video game national team was the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

Currently, there are eight members of the team, two more will be chosen after the national eliminations.

The captain of the team is Miłosz Bogdanowski. He, along with Jakub Mikołajewski, were responsible for completing the squad.

“I chose, in my opinion, eight of the best players in Poland and two more will join us from open eliminations,” he said, adding that he wants to play a similar role as Robert Lewandowski has in the national team of “real” football.

Bogdanowski added that he is training hard. He admitted that, over the autumn, he spent 10 hours a day in front of the screen. He said that he had chosen the best players for the team.

The President and the players hope that thanks to establishing a national team, Poland will be able to participate in global competitions and that they will soon have lots of fans who will follow their performance.

FIFA, developed by EA Sports, a branch of video games giant Electronic Arts, is the most popular video football game. Its first version, “FIFA International Soccer” was released in 1994.