Nearly 5,000 interventions, 363 forest fires: fire service

Due to strong wind and fires in Polish forests, the fire service intervened nearly 5,000 times across the country on Tuesday to battle 363 forest fires and 842 grass and wasteland fires.

Out of 4,874 interventions, 2,017 were associated with gale, and most incidents took place in the Masovian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Pomeranian provinces, a spokesperson from the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service (KG PSP) was quoted as saying by the Polish news agency, PAP, on Wednesday.

The damage caused by the strong winds include 396 damaged buildings that include 281 residential buildings, thousands of broken trees that affected railroad services and broken billboards.

On Tuesday, due to the strong wind, two drivers were injured − in Pomerania and in Warmia-Masuria.

On Tuesday there were 363 forest fires, which ranged from several to several dozen hectares. The spokesperson noted that due to weather forecasts, the situation could get worse.

In order for the fire hazard in Polish forests to subside, it would take several days of intense rainfall, but it will still be dry in the near future. The situation is aggravated by strong winds, which hinder firefighting and promote the spread of fire, the representative added.

The Polish met office (IMGW) issued warnings against strong winds from Wednesday morning for the north-east of the country.