Shared urban mobility should limit smog in Polish cities: interview

In an exclusive interview for PolandIN, Chairman of the Mobile City Association Adam Jędrzejewski revealed how new forms of urban mobility will influence the Polish environment and contribute to fighting smog.

Bike-, scooter-, moped- and car-sharing are just some of the aspects of new urban mobility that “maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in the coming years for sure” will help reduce smog in Poland, said Mr Jędrzejewski, adding that “putting people in shared vehicles is much more sustainable with regards to the mobility ecosystem in cities.”

PolandIN’s guest also stressed that Poland has “an enormous issue with air quality.”

“Polish municipalities as well as the regulatory bodies of the central administration, in my and the industry’s opinion, should be fostering shared mobility, which is an alternative to driving a private vehicle.”

Poland’s shared mobility market is a fresh one, Mr Jędrzejewski said, adding that although “it was born only two years ago, it is developing very quickly… We have several thousands of different vehicles. With regard to bikes in the whole of Poland, we have 24-25,000 bikes only.”

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