Polish startup develops remote garden management system

Researchers from a Polish start-up from Opole, southern Poland, developed a garden management system, compatible with 5G technology.

Thanks to the device, one can remotely monitor the conditions prevalent in a greenhouse or garden by using a smartphone.

The system of specialised sensors, which connect with the cloud via WiFi, was developed by the start-up Hivetech, operating from Opole Science and Technology Park.

"We have used solutions adapted to 5G technology, as well as to the use of regular routers. Thanks to this, with relatively small costs, the controller can decide, for example, when to turn on the watering. The user has access from a regular smartphone to current information about the situation in the garden at any time," the chairman of Hivetech Andrzej Guziec told the Polish Press Agency.

The start-up has already prepared a demonstrative version of the system to test in field conditions. Mr Guziec pointed out that the solutions developed by his team had been assessed by specialists from Opole University of Technology as innovative on an international scale.