WUM surgeons perform 500th endovascular surgery for aneurysm

As many as 500 endovascular surgeries of the thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm with the help of a stent graft have been performed by surgeons from the Department of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery operating in the Central Clinical Hospital of the University Clinical Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw.

"Our clinic has the most extensive experience in Poland, and one of the most extensive worldwide, in endovascular treatment of thoraco-abdominal and perirenal aneurysms. We perform about half of these surgeries nationwide, and the most difficult cases are directed to our clinic," Prof. Tomasz Jakimowicz stated.

As he noted, 92.5 percent of surgeries achieve a good clinical result, which places the Warsaw team among the foremost in the world.

The death toll from bursting aneurysms matches the number of deaths caused by breast or prostate cancer. This was the cause of death of, among other people, Albert Einstein and General Charles de Gaulle.

Aortic endovascular procedures are steadily replacing open surgeries due to low invasiveness, shorter convalescence and better patient comfort, as well as better results especially for comorbid patients. Current treatment involves the insertion of a stent-graft through the blood vessels into the aneurysm. It is usually tightly rolled up, and then inserted into the interior of the blood vessel and then into the aorta. The treatment is carried out under X-ray equipment control, and special shading markers allow it to take place in the correct spot.

The Department and Clinic of General, Vascular and Transplant Surgery is the only one in Poland, and one of a dozen or so centres in the world that have access to endovascular technology developed for the treatment of aortic arch aneurysms.

On the occasion of performing the 500th operation, the Warsaw clinic was visited by Prof. Gustavo S. Oderich, a world-renowned specialist in the field of vascular surgery from the Mayo Clinic, considered the best cardiac centre in the US.

This can be an opportunity to form relationships with other acclaimed facilities. The clinic in Warsaw has been cooperating with Universitàreres Herzzentrum in Hamburg, Chirurgie Vasculaire - Center de l'Aorte Università in Paris and Paracelsus Medical University in Nuremberg.