Scourge of fires sweeps around Poland

Nearly 200 forest fires and 500 grass fires broke out in Poland on Thursday, resulting in the death of one person.

Highest number of forest fires in April in ten years

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The deceased 52-year-old man, who died in a fire in Brody in the Małopolskie province, southern Poland, is the sixth victim of burning grass in 2019. In addition, forest fires claimed the lives of another two people. Since the beginning of the year, the fire departments in Poland recorded around 35,000 fires of grass, grasslands and wastelands, including 17,400 in April.

The highest number of fires – 72 – was been recorded in Mazowieckie province, followed by 50 in the Silesian province and 48 in the Lower Silesian province.

Moreover, forests and woods in Poland burned nearly 4,000 times over this year, with 3,400 fires in April. On Thursday, the highest number of fires were again recorded in Mazowieckie province, where forests burned 56 times. In the second place was Kujawsko-Pomorskie with 16 fires and Warmińsko-Mazurskie with 10.

The situation in the Polish forest is very difficult due to the lack of rain. In the majority of Poland’s forests, there is the highest level of fire threat since Friday morning, introduced by the Forest Research Institute.

The spokesperson of the Headquarters of the Fire Department pointed out that showers would not be enough, because the majority of the moisture remains in the tree canopy. The weather forecasts show that the coming days are still to be warm and dry, so the situation in forests may yet become even worse.

The firefighters intervened 2,123 times on Thursday, including 144 times to remove the results of the strong wind.