Fantasy and sci-fi fans gather at ‘Pyrkon’ convention

Crowds of knights, warriors, witches, mages and other fantasy characters gathered at the country's largest fantasy convention “Pyrkon,” taking place in Poznań, western Poland.

Traditional medieval spring festival took place in Kraków

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This year’s edition of the convention includes, among others, events for fans of “Star Wars,” and universes created by Marvel and DC Comics as well as the popular book and TV series “Game of Thrones.”

Participants will be able to see Viking and Slavic warriors fight and enjoy Scottish and Irish traditional music and dancing.

The event is also popular among so-called cosplayers, people who dress themselves to impersonate characters from their favourite films, books and games. One of the important events of the convention is a “masquerade” with a contest for the best costume.

“Pyrkon” also has an offer for the youngest fans of fantasy and sci-fi. They can take part in origami courses, build robots or dragons and watch Japanese animated films.

The event is being held for the 19th time. This is the largest event of its kind in Poland and one of the biggest in central Europe.

Tens of thousands of fans of fantasy and science-fiction films, books and games, as well as manga and anime, attend “Pyrkon” each year. Last year it attracted more than 43,000 people.

The event will last until Sunday. Visitors with a pass confirming their participation in the convention can travel by municipal transport in Poznań free-of-charge.