Polish NBA star ‘not short of activities’ after leaving LA Clippers

Marcin Gortat, a leading Polish NBA basketball player, has assured fans that he is not under pressure ahead of July’s transfer window

Basketball: Gortat leaves LA Clippers

Polish basketball player Marcin Gortat was waived by his club Los Angeles Clippers and now he is looking for a new employer.

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At a ceremony in the northern city of Gdańsk, Marcin Gortat signed an intention letter about erecting a new “Centre of Basketball 3x3” at Gdańsk Technical University.

The centre is set to host international competitions, and will be “a great honour for the city [of Gdańsk] and the country as well,” Marcin Gortat said.

During the event, the NBA player said that his sports career should become clear this July. “On July 1st, there will be a transfer window [in the NBA], but I am not under any pressure. Besides, I am not short of activities,” Gortat declared.

As he later explained, the current season is almost finished, and therefore he cannot sign a new contract with any other NBA team. The earliest possibility to join a new team is July 1st. “The decision I am going to make will be a personal one, and it will indeed influence my future,” the player said.

“It all depends on the team, my role in it, and also how much the contract is,” Gortat said, adding that “at a certain age different priorities occur in life.”

The Polish basketball player left the Los Angeles Clippers in February 2019, and has not been active in the NBA league since. In the past, Gortat was a player in the Polish National Team.