Auschwitz Museum protests clothing and bedding with Holocaust themes

Miniskirts, cushions and bags with imprinted photos of the former German Nazi death camp in Auschwitz have been removed from the online trading platform, owned by a US company by the name of “RedBubble”, after the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum’s (PMAB) intervention.

The news about the offensive products was communicated by the PMAB via Twitter.

Following the product’s removal, the US company explained itself tweeting that these are independent users who offer their products via its website. Nevertheless, RedBubble agreed that such offensive goods should not be featured on their website. And although some of the provocative products were removed from the site, on Wednesday 8 Auschwitz Museum brought attention to another inappropriate product, namely, a t-shirt featuring a bespectacled, bearded man with a legend “Dr. Holocaust wants you to get a beard”. Shortly after, the company also removed this product.