Exclusive "Hobbit" play to premiere on Saturday in Białystok

The Polish premiere of the play "Hobbit", directed by Grzegorz Suski, will take place on May 11 in the Aleksander Węgierko Drama Theatre in Bialystok, eastern Poland.

The theatre in Bialystok managed to purchase a license from the US agency The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises to stage the play, the only such licence in Europe so far. The license will be valid for three years.

During the press conference, on Wednesday, Mr Suski said that it had taken a lot of time to acquire the rights to the production.

"It is known that in Poland, the book (" Hobbit ") belongs to the school canon, but we tried to picture it not like the book did. Since children will come to see the play, we decided to ‘teach them’ about the theatre,” Mr Suski said.

“There will be amazing scenography, well prepared costumes, good music, and great acting, so that Tolkien's imagination will transfer to these young spectators,” he added. In his opinion, it is safe to say that it is a spectacle about friendship.

The "Hobbit" in Białystok theatre is an adaptation of Tolkien's novel. "We do not take shortcuts; on the stage there will be goblins, wargs, there will be a dragon, Gollum, trolls... Everything that is present in the book, will be here,” the director said.

Grzegorz Suski said that the owners of the rights had to give their consent at every stage of production.

"They had many different complaints, but no objections to the adaptation itself," he said.

Already 30 performances have been scheduled before the end of June. The head of the theatre in Białystok, Piotr Półtorak, said that the show was already very popular, the tickets have almost sold out for the upcoming weekend displays.