Rally draws to tragic end with deadly accident of two

Friday’s Żuławy Rally ended prematurely with the death of driver Łukasz Semkiw and his co-driver Tomasz Czepukojć who drove into a ditch in the northern Polish town of Błotnik.

“Driving a Honda Civic, the rally participant dropped from the track and rolled into a ditch. The driver and his co-driver died on the spot,” said the provincial police spokesperson Renata Legawiec.

The police are investigating the accident.

“The judges, fans firefighters, an ambulance and Medical Air Rescue helicopter… rushed to help. Unfortunately, despite the immediate safety procedure and rescuers’ efforts, the accident turned out deadly and both men died. We offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deceased participants,” reads the organiser’s statement.

Due to the tragic event, the rally was terminated.

The Żuławy Rally is a rallycross race for unlicensed, non-sports participants organised by the Marine Automobile Club (Automobilklub Morski) in the northern city of Gdynia. The track runs through the difficult terrain of the Cedry Wielkie municipality veined with ditches and water drainage. This year 28 participants took part in the event.