You help others by vaccinating yourself: WHO head

Dr Paloma Cuchi, head of the World Health Organisation for Poland, talked about the “vaccine heroes” initiative of the recent European Immunization Week, “altruistic nature of vaccinations”, and some of the issues causing people not to vaccinate.

WHO: 82,600 measles cases in Europe, 335 in Poland

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Dr Cuchi said that the “vaccine heroes” initiative of the WHO aims at celebrating those “who make it possible that we have a high coverage” of vaccines among the world population. She indicated that the heroes are politicians or activists working difficult regions but also regular people, such as parents who vaccinate their children.

She indicated that the recent unprecedented number of measles cases in countries like Poland is caused by the lack of sufficient vaccination. She emphasised that now, more than ever, there is a need for informing people about the importance of vaccination. “We have seen that in the first months of 2019 we almost have a third of measles cases we have seen in 2018,” Ms Cuchi said. “There is definitely a correlation between the number of vaccines going down and the number of cases going up.”

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