Training centre to get Polish football to higher league: PM

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister attended the ceremony of laying a foundation stone for the new training facility of Legia Warsaw football club “Legia Training Center” in Książenice, around 25 km southwest of Warsaw.

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“The Polish successes in football will be adequate to the training procedures. We should also start the new era of training in other fields,” said Mateusz Morawiecki. “We focus on grass-roots work, which for sure will pay off. The role model for us is AFC Ajax Amsterdam, which now is achieving successes thanks to players trained by the club,” the PM stressed.

“My desire is to promote the Polish economy to the ‘higher league’ and I hope that it will also happen to the Polish football over the next decade,” Mr Morawiecki added.

Hope for better future

The facility in Książenice will not only be used by Legia Warsaw but also other clubs from Poland. “This is not a project for Legia only. It is a symbol of the direction the Polish football should take. We should think strategically and over divisions to make it to the new level of competition,” Dariusz Mioduski, the CEO and owner of Legia Warsaw said.

The construction of training facility in Książenice begun in April and is scheduled to be finished in June 2020.

“Legia Training Center” will be the most modern such facility in Poland. It will have six pitches, including one with artificial grass and covered over autumn and winter with a pneumatic dome.

It will also have medical facilities, gyms and other equipment and training spots, 24 rooms for the players of the first team, 30 rooms for younger footballers, as well as conference and lesson rooms.

The investment is worth more than PLN 80 mln (EUR 18.6 mln). Legia received a donation of PLN 11 mln (EUR 2.55 mln) from the Sport and Tourism ministry, along with PLN 1.2 mln (EUR 270,000) from Development and Investments’ ministry.