Preparations for nuclear power plant construction underway: energy min

Poland’s Energy Minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski told Polish Radio on Tuesday that with preparations ongoing, Poland is on course to build a nuclear power.

“Locations in the north-western seaside region of Poland have been chosen. The communities living there have been preparing themselves for the construction, they visited nuclear power plants [abroad], thus, in a manner of speaking, we have received social consent to start building,” said Mr Tchórzewski.

The power plant is to be completed by 2033.

Mr Tchórzewski stressed that “a nuclear power plant is expensive in terms of construction, especially with regard to security, however, it is also cheaper in exploitation, as it requires only four fuel-carrying trucks per year.”

For comparison, “a coal power plant of the same power, that is around 1,000 MW, requires around 200 freight cars per 24 hours,” stressed Poland’s energy minister.

Regarding wind power, Mr Tchórzewski said that Poland’s 2040 energy policy outlined, generated very large interest among the participants of the 11th European Economic Congress. The congress takes place in the southern Polish city of Katowice’s ICC and Spodek Arena, and will continue until May 15.