‘Don’t tell anyone’ is not attack on Church: Polish Primate

In an interview with private Radio ZET, Archbishop Wojciech Polak, the Primate of Poland, said that the documentary “Don’t tell anyone” about the experiences of the victims of paedophilia in the Roman-Catholic Church is not a form of attack on the Church.

Documentary on paedophilia met with apologies from Church officials

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“This is not any kind of an attack on the Church. Today, nobody will deny that crimes of paedophilia happened in the Church” Archbishop Polak said. As he said, the moment that moved and hurt him the most was the confrontation of victims and those who abused them. “I watched testimonies, which moved me deeply,” the Archbishop said.

“It was a drama of people who had to return to traumatic experiences from their childhood,” he said.

“This is not the first revealing, this is not the beginning of the problem we are discussing. This is a situation that we are in,” the Primate said.

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“The situation in Polish Church is serious, we have to put out the fire and start real work over it,” he added.

The two-hour documentary “Don’t Tell Anyone” by the journalist Tomasz Sekielski about cases of paedophilia in the Polish Catholic Church was released on the Internet on Saturday.

The production of the film was financed from an internet money collection by almost 2,500 people, who donated over PLN 450,000 (EUR 104,359).

By Wednesday noon, the film was watched more than 14.7 mln times.