Polish robot to be sold in US and China

The interactive Photon robot, programmed to develop children’s skills in logical thinking and programming, will soon enter the North American and Chinese markets.

Created by a start-up composed of graduates from Białystok University of Technology, the Photon robot is about to enter two new markets after signing a contract with an American distributor. The robot was fully developed in Poland and has subsequently won several awards.

Photon is an interactive robot that can be integrated with a smartphone or tablet and develops “together with the child.” Through competing and playing, it helps children develop skills such as logical thinking and the basics of programming. The main goal for the child is to solve tasks and unlock subsequent new capabilities of the robot.

According to Marcin Joka, one of the co-creators of Photon, the American innovative educational company Eduscape is not only entitled to sell the robot in the US, Canada, and China, but has also decided to introduce the robot to American schools.

Furthermore, Eduscape and the Polish start-up have developed a professional programme for IT teachers, which offers preparatory and practical courses online for teachers who use Photon at all education levels.