Developing AI technology requires EU member states' cooperation: minister

PolandIN spoke with the Entrepreneurship and Technology minister Jadwiga Emilewicz about the possibilities that artificial intelligence technology may open for Polish companies and what it would mean for the job market.

Referring to the efforts of the government to introduce AI technology, Ms Emilewicz said that there were not enough people on the job market for the needs of entrepreneurs, and artificial intelligence technology may fill this gap

In her opinion, over the next five years, around 30 percent of the required labour force may be replaced by such technology. Recalling the industrial revolution from the 19th century, she pointed out that people should not be afraid of losing their jobs, because it’s people who create and interpret the world, not computers.

Jadwiga Emilewicz states that developing artificial intelligence requires cooperation between EU member states, especially in terms of data exchange. According to her, once AI technology is introduced, the European GDP may increase by 3 percent.