PM assures effective damage estimate after flooding

Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki during a visit to the flooded areas announced storm damage estimate will be carried out effectively.

Evacuations due to flood in southern Poland

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After a series of heavy storms in southern Poland, several villages have been flooded by local rivers. Dozens of locals had to be evacuated from their homes.

“We are in a place where it is clearly visible that all these fields are flooded, therefore we will have to proceed to a highly effective damage evaluation,” PM Morawiecki said at a visit to a flooded village in the Małopolska region.

Poland’s Prime Minister declared that all state forces including firefighters will remain on the spot up until the full elimination of all the effects of the floodings.

As PM Morawiecki assured, all those evacuated were secured with alternative accommodation. He also announced that sanitary forces would be checking water quality in wells which had been flooded, and deciding on “possible tetanus vaccines.”

On Wednesday an active low-pressure system which had evolved around the Eastern Carpathians caused intensive rain and storms, followed by heavy flooding in southern Poland.

Several ruling party politicians including former PM Beata Szydło have declared “suspending” their political campaign to the European Parliament in order to meet with the people of the flooded areas instead of holding rallies in other parts of the country.