Polish govt to file complaint against ‘ACTA2’

On Friday, the Polish government is going to lodge a complaint to the Court of Justice of the EU on “ACTA2”, Deputy PM Piotr Gliński announced.

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is set to protect intellectual property by introducing stricter copyright regulations within the EU.

Critics call the legislation “ACTA2”, claiming the new legislation is going to limit freedom in the Internet. The directive has already been adopted, however, it has not come into force.

“The Polish government will file a claim to the CJEU against ACTA2. We believe that some of the articles, including article 17… related to filtering information, are a threat to freedom in the Internet and are incompatible with basic EU values, such as freedom of speech,” Culture Minister and deputy PM Piotr Gliński stated.

As Minister Gliński argued, article 17 will make large services such as Facebook or Youtube responsible for their users’ actions, and that will “censor the Internet.”

The new legislation was opposed by Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, and Luxembourg, who claimed the regulations could limit freedom in the Internet.