Struggle against high water continues in southern Poland

The tidal wave has passed through Kraków, southern Poland, as the struggle against flooding continues.

PM assures effective damage estimate after flooding

After a wave of storms in southern Poland, Poland’s PM reassures forces will remain on the spot “until the floods pass.”

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The tidal wave on the Vistula river has passed through Kraków on Friday. At its peak, it reached almost 6 metres, making the river flood Kraków Vistula Boulevards. However, the tide is expected to fall throughout the day.

Head of the Crisis Management Centre from Kraków told the Polish Press Agency that the emergency alert might be called off already on Saturday. “However, that does not mean that Vistula inflows are going to be safe by then.”

By Thursday morning, on several smaller rivers water reached warning levels, with emergency levels maintained at many others. By midday on Friday, situation in some regions started to stabilize but in many others the water level have been still rising.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management forecasts that rainfall should decrease over the weekend. Tide on major rivers should start to fall Sunday.

Southern Poland under water

Earlier this week, an active low-pressure system which had evolved around the Eastern Carpathians caused intensive rain and storms, followed by heavy flooding in southern Poland. Several villages have been flooded by local rivers this week.

Dozens of locals had to be evacuated from their homes. In many other towns and villages and towns rivers reached emergency water levels.

Firefighters, police, and other state services have been working continuously to prevent the flood to cause extensive damage.