Dep FM: Convergence in EU not finished

Konrad Szymański, Deputy Foreign Minister interviewed by PolandIN argues that the EU budget for Poland should not suffer disproportionate cuts as the job of economic convergence in the EU is still not finished.

The deputy minister, responsible for EU affairs argued that although the EU budget was bound to contract after Brexit this should not happen at the expense of continued economic convergence between Central Europe and Western Europe.

Mr Szymański reiterated Poland’s opposition to quotas for the reallocation of migrants and argued that Poland has done much to secure the borders of the EU and to help those suffering in the countries from which the refugees have been coming. He felt the country was successful in building alliances on single market and cohesion funding issues.

He felt that the confrontation between Poland and the EC over the rule of law was unfortunate and certainly not of Poland’s choosing. He said Poland fully respected European court decisions but could not accept meddling in its political affairs.

M Szymański was adamant that Poland could not accept double standards in terms of treatment within the EU. He said he did not understand why Poland’s decision to elect the National Judicial Council by Parliament was proving controversial when Spain’s system is exactly the same.

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