Exodus after Brexit vote

The number of Poles living in Great Britain dropped to 905,000, a fall of 116,000 since last year, which is the first break in the upward trend since Poland acceded to the European Union in 2004, the British ONS stats office has announced.

Polish companies to feature at job fair in London

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According to the estimates by the ONS, 832,000 Polish-born people and 905,000 people with Polish citizenship lived in Great Britain last year. This means a drop of 90,000 (from 922,000) and of 116,000 (from 1,021,000) respectively since 2017.

Experts believe this downward trend is related to the uncertainty of the protracted Brexit process which has now been going on for two years. .

A second reason is that the Polish economy has been doing well giving people less incentive to leave.

In mid-May, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology organised a job fair in London aimed at encouraging Poles to come back and take up jobs in Poland..

At the time Bartłomiej Kowalczyk who runs the Polish Business Link told PolandIN that “Business owners will probably be ok, but if you work for a corporate then going back to Poland may be quite attractive,” due to the cost of living in Britain for families..

Gerwyn Davies, a British of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, said that taking into consideration the fact that the Polish economy and the Polish market are doing very well, certainly there are arguments for Poles' returning to Poland. He stated, however, that Great Britain still offers better pay.