Poles divided in assessment of the country’s democracy: poll

Forty-seven percent of people surveyed in a recent CBOS poll are satisfied with the functioning of democracy in Poland while 45 percent are critical of it.

Opinions on the functioning of democracy in Poland are very divided. Almost half (47 percent) of respondents are satisfied with it and only a slightly lower percentage (45) are dissatisfied.

The April survey by CBOS showed that those who fully support democracy are aged between 25 and 44, have high education, live in large cities (above 500,000 citizens), belong to the the highest-earning groups, and positively assess their own material situation.

The strongest influence on the opinion of the quality of democracy comes from the political views and religiosity of Poles.

A clear majority of the ruling party supporters were satisfied with the functioning of democracy, along with people with right-wing views and those most engaged in religious practices.

Those dissatisfied with the functioning of democracy were more typically people identifying themselves as leftist and liberal, and not engaged, or rarely engaged, in religious practice.

In a separate question, 70 percent of respondents considered democracy to be superior to all other political systems, while 15 percent declared otherwise.

The survey, 'Current problems and events,' was conducted using the face-to-face computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) technique between April 4 and 11, 2019, on a random sample of 1,064 adult residents of Poland.