EP elections: turnout at record 32.51 pct by 5pm

The turnout in Sunday’s European elections in Poland reached 32.51 percent by 5 pm, the State Electoral Commission (PKW) reported.

Turnout in EP elections at 14.39 by noon

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The results confirm the earlier prognoses of a high turnout. During the previous European elections in 2014, the turnout reached 16.91 percent by 5.30 pm.

During the previous briefing, PKW announced the turnout to have reached 14 percent, almost twice that four years earlier.

This was the last briefing by the PKW to be held during the voting. The next meeting with journalists is planned at 10 pm, after the closure of polling stations.

EP elections in Poland

Over 27,000 polling stations are open to nearly 30 million voters in Poland from 7 am to 9 pm. Poles abroad vote at 203 polling stations.

Exit polls will be published at 9 pm on Sunday based on surveys conducted by Ipsos pollster for Poland’s TVP public broadcaster, as well as TVN and Polsat private broadcasters.

Results from district electoral commissions will be published after 11 pm on Sunday, when voting ends in all European Union member countries. The official results are due to be released on Tuesday, according to the PKW.

MEPs are chosen for a term of five years. Out of the total 866 candidates, Poles will choose 51 European Parliament deputies, plus one more who will become active only when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.