Leaders react to EP election results

In reaction to the results of the European Parliament elections, party leaders emphasised that these elections were just a prelude to the Polish parliamentary elections in the autumn this year.

Exit poll: ruling party comes first in European elections in Poland

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Ruling party leader Jarosław Kaczyński said that “the deciding duel for the future of our country will take place in the autumn.” He added that the turnout at the Parliamentary elections will be “much higher, maybe a record high” and Law and Justice would need “many millions of votes.”

“It was our success to unite the opposition and to build the European Coalition,” Grzegorz Schetyna, leader of the opposition said. He emphasised that the EU elections have just been the beginning of the road that ends in the autumn, during the Parliamentary elections.

“We showed that we can be together and that this is the key to winning in October,” Mr Schetyna said.

Spring’s leader Robert Biedroń indicated that crossing the 5-percent threshold was in itself a significant success. “For a political party that was formed four months ago, this is a good result,” Mr Biedroń said. “We are a third political force in the country.”

“We will continue to go alone,” he added, “that is the path we chose.”