Ruling party win bigger than indicated by exit polls

European Parliament elections exit polls showed the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party’s victory; however, on Monday, the State Electoral Commission’s (PKW) announcement of Sunday’s European Parliamentary elections’ results based on 99.25 percent of the cast votes showed that PiS did even better.

Analysis: Ruling party wins European elections in Poland

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The results calculated by the PKW on the basis of 99.25 percent of polling stations showed PiS heading for its best result ever in a general or European election with 45.57 percent of votes.

The opposition European Coalition (KE), comprising the Civic Platform formerly led by the current European Council President Donald Tusk, today by Grzegorz Schetyna, the Alliance of the Democratic Left (SLD), the Polish People’s Party (PSL) and the Greens (Zieloni), was second with 38.29 percent.

Robert Biedroń’s liberal pro-LGBT+Q and pro-gay marriage Spring (Wiosna) party garnered 6.04 percent of votes.

The Eurosceptic Confederation KORWiN Braun Liroy Nationalists and the right-wing direct democracy Kukiz’15 failed to pass the election threshold with their results of 4.55 and 3.70 percent, respectively. As a consequence, they will not field any MEPs, a fate that will be shared with the Left Together (Lewica Razem), who scored only 1.24 percent.

The result means that only PiS, KE, and Spring will have their MEPs at the European Parliament. Voter turnout stood at 45.61 percent, a record for a European election in Poland.

“We won, however, we won with a margin that must convince us to continue very hard work ahead of parliamentary elections,” said the PiS leader Jarosław Kaczyński, adding that “the decisive battle for the future of Poland will take place in Autumn. We must win again and win more decisively than we did today.”

PiS had framed the European ballot as a battle against Western liberal ideals, which it says threaten the traditional way of life in Poland, a staunchly Catholic country.

Kaczyński said ahead of the European election that in casting their votes Poles would be deciding on the "preservation of family values, ... the future of Polish tradition and the Church in our country," according to an interview with the Gazeta Polska weekly.

PiS won 31.8 percent in the EU ballot five years ago and 37.6 percent in the 2015 parliamentary election.