Minimum wage hike proposal ‘is realistic’: economist

“Our members said entry-level salaries are above PLN 2,500 (EUR 524)” the Chief Economist of The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs told PolandIN days before labour minister proposed raising the minimum wage to PLN 2450 (EUR 500)

Polish gross minimum wage set to rise

The gross minimum wage in Poland will grow to PLN 2,250 (EUR 523.46) and the minimum hourly rate to PLN 14.70 (EUR 3.42).

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Asked if “turkeys were voting for Christmas” when company bosses were suggesting that minimum wages were hiked by 11 percent next year to PLN 2500, the Chief Economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs, Łukasz Kozłowski, told PolandIN that there were “some companies that needed more realistic statutory minimum wages.” BR> This included companies in the public procurement sector where tender payments are often partially tied to wages.

The proposal on Wednesday from the Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister Elżbieta Rafałska, which will need to be discussed with employers from the Dialogue Council, was to raise the minimum monthly wage in 2020 by 8.9 percent or PLN 200 (EUR 46) to PLN 2,450 (EUR 570), and the minimum hourly rate by PLN 2 – to a rate of PLN 16 (EUR 3.70) per hour.

A group of five other employers associations, including Lewiatan and Pracodawcy RP had suggested a raise of 6.1 percent.

After a certain amount of horse trading, the 2020 annual budget draft, including the minimum wage for next year will be released in late summer.

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