Victorious in Poland but not yet in EU

The ruling party scored an impressive victory in the European elections in Poland. But in the EP it may end up in a block of parties which are in a minority, analyzes Dr Agnieszka Cianciara from the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) in an interview with Poland IN.

The European elections “were a major stress test ahead of the general election” said Dr Cianciara. While the “message of the opposition that to be important in Europe a change of government is needed” did not resonate with the voters, this does not mean that Poland’s position in the EU is an easy one.

Dr Cianciara pointed to the fact that the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) is currently part of a small block of parties in the EP, the European and Conservative Reformers Group (ECR) and that in the European Council, where ultimate decisions on the top jobs in the EU will be made, qualified majority voting means that Poland could not block any of those key decisions on its own.

The political scientist from PAN felt that although the EP was now very fragmented a ruling coalition made up of the EPP, the socialists and the liberals or greens was possible. Such a coalition would not find it easy to agree who should be President of the EC but would imply that the political grouping that was victorious in Poland was not part of a ruling coalition in the EP.

Full interview available here.