Historic airplane crashes, killing the pilot

A vintage aircraft, belonging to the museum of the Polish WWII squadron of the Royal Air Force, crashed in Silesia region, Southern Poland.

The plane was supposed to fly to the city of Płock, but it crashed immediately after takeoff, into a forest in the town of Napoleon. The pilot, a 41 year old man, did not survive. He was the only person onboard.

There was no fire, firefighters secured the crash area. The prosecutor’s office has already begun an investigation.

The vintage plane dated back to WWII. It was painted in the British colour scheme of the era. It belonged to the Jan Zumbach Museum of the No. 303 Squadron of the Royal Air Force in Napoleon village, Silesia region.

303 squadron was a Polish-crewed squadron of the RAF active during WWII. It played an important role during the Battle of Britain and was the most effective of the 16 Polish Squadrons of the RAF and one of the best in the whole RAF.

Jan Zumbach was a 303 squadron leader and a fighter ace. He downed 12 enemy aircraft. After the war, he became a mercenary and fought in Africa, famously organising makeshift air forces of the breakaway republics of Katanga and Biafra.