Speedway: Zmarzlik wins Slovenian Grand Prix

Bartosz Zmarzlik won the Slovenian Grand Prix in Krsko on Saturday, paving his way onto the top of the overall standings with 28 points.

The 24-year-old Pole felt comfortable on a demanding track which gives few chances to overtook an opponent. The sligh surface saw little opportunities to fight on a track, and the competitors that did good at start were gaining benefits with each lap.

In the final, Zmarzlik overtook Martin Vaculik during the second lap. The Danish Leon Madsen claimed third place, while another Pole, Patryk Dudek, finished just outside the podium.

Maciej Janowski, who missed the Polish GP in Warsaw due to injury, failed to impress the crowd gaining only four points. Janusz Kołodziej, the Leszno’s league star, once again did not managed to adjust to the Slovenian track, despite decent form showed during league gameweek.

Patryk Dudek, the leader of the series, presented a stable form, although dependant on the starting gates, significantly relatable in terms of scoring points.

Leon Madsen, the surprising victor from Warsaw, proved his determination once again, scoring 13 points - the same as in his full-swing GP debut.

After two tournaments, Zmarzlik and Dudek lead the general classification with 28 points. Madsen is third, with 26.