US investors see Poland as ‘immune to global headwinds’: bank economist

US investors know the Polish economy is “immune to global headwinds” and will “keep outperforming its regional peers.” PKO Bank Polski Chief Economist Piotr Bujak told PolandIN after returning from a showcase tour across the Atlantic.

PKO Bank Polski, the largest bank in Poland, has just upped its forecast for annual economic growth in 2019 to 4.6 percent from 4.2 percent, due to the very encouraging corporate sector investment figures reported in the first quarter.

However, Mr Bujak said they are less sanguine about 2020, when they estimate a drop in the tempo of domestic growth to “under 4.0 percent,” due to the poorer performance of the global economy.

Nevertheless, in his view, investors see Poland “remaining by far the fastest-growing economy in the EU”.

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