Sabre fencer by chance who became Olympian

The most loved hobby of Wojciech Zabłocki is collecting sabres and his mission is to pass on his knowledge to young swordsmen.

Mr Zabłocki began his career right after the end of WWII by a complete accident. When walking down the street, he saw a man with a sport-sabre, whom he followed. The man introduced him to a professional fencer, who later became Mr Zabłocki’s first coach.

“After two years of training I won my first competitions in Poland in my category,” said Mr Zabłocki.

He soon became a successful professional fencer. In his career he won four Olympic medals.

Also a painter and a renowned architect, Mr Zabłocki wrote a number of books, including a compendium “Sabres of the World”, in which all the sketches and descriptions were made by him.

When he retired from sports he decided to pass on his knowledge to a younger generation of swordsmen.