Annual March for Life and Family took place all over Poland

The 14th edition of the March for Life and Family, organised by pro-life organisations marched through the streets of Polish cities and towns on Sunday.

Pro-life and family marches all over Poland

The thirteenth edition of March for Life and Family took place in over 60 Polish cities and towns. People were manifesting their support for...

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The largest march commenced through Warsaw, where around 20,000 people manifested their support for respecting human life and family values. Its main slogan was “Do not allow demoralising sex-education in Warsaw’s schools.”

“These activities, which may have immeasurable effects, will affect over 200,000 children in Warsaw’s schools, but in the long-term, they may threaten more than 4.5 million of the youngest in Poland. In a sense of responsibility for the future of our homeland, we go out onto the streets of our cities, to protect them from demoralisation and to defend the educational autonomy of Polish families,” said Kazimierz Przeszowski, the deputy head of the Centre for the Advancement of Initiatives for Life and Family, which organises the march.

Some participants of the march carried banners with other slogans, such as “stop demoralisation by sexualisation,” “save our children,” and “Husband and wife –united family.”

Before the manifestation began, its organisers announced that similar marches will take place in a total of 130 cities and towns in Poland and are discussing the issue of sexual education, which “endangers the proper development of children and youth and undermines the role of parents, which should have top priority.”

The March for Life and Family has been organised since 2006, every year they present the current view of its participants on the problems of protecting life and the rights of families.