Truck driver charged after pile-up kills six

Six people have died, including three children, and 11 are wounded after a truck drove into a traffic jam on A6 highway.

“I managed to pull out the kids and a woman. I didn’t manage to save the man,” recalled one of the witnesses of the crash.

Police have detained the driver of a truck who reportedly caused the accident and brought him to the local prosecutor’s office for questioning. He has been charged with causing a road accident resulting in death. He faces up to 12 years behind bars. The driver pleads not guilty.

“There was a traffic jam, cars were stopped and the back of the jam was hit, without any slowing down, by a truck. Immediately a fire started, a lot of people were burning. I managed to escape, with my family, my wife and three kids, through a window. Our car is burned, all our things are burned. We were going on holidays,” recalled the crash one of the affected drivers.

There were a total of six cars and one truck involved in the accident. The pile-up happened around 1 pm on the A6 highway, near the city of Szczecin, north-western Poland. The victims include an entire family of five travelling in the same vehicle, three children and two family members.

“I was driving right behind that truck. It started breaking suddenly. Then I heard a bang and saw a lot of smoke. I stopped, took a fire extinguisher and ran to help them. The flames were very big, the fire was really huge. Three-four seconds, an explosion, huge fire,” recalled Andrej, a truck driver from Ukraine, who reportedly saved a couple of passengers from the flaming vehicles, including two kids.

According to the police, around 3 pm, at the site of the pile-up, but in the other direction, another crash occurred. One of the cars slowed down suddenly and was hit by the car driving behind it. It is suspected that the driver lost focus while observing the pile-up remains. Another three people were wounded and hospitalised.