Modern air pollution sensors installed in Kraków

Utilising lasers and radio waves, equipment will measure air pollution emitted by road traffic.

“We hope to find out which type of vehicles emit most pollution. From the point of view of the Bureau of Public Transport [ZTP], we focus on comparing public transport, that is city buses, intercity buses and tour buses, with cars,” explained Łukasz Franek, the director of the ZTP.

Two innovative sensors have been installed in Kraków, Southern Poland, with a third to be installed later this week. They will operate for three weeks, as part of a pilot program. Depending on the results, more may be installed.

The equipment will detect carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter.

Kraków has one of the worst smog problems in Poland. Some 220,000 cars cross into the city every day.