Wrocław priest attack a ‘mockery of Polish values’: deputy PM

Poland’s Deputy PM Jarosław Gowin has condemned the attack on a Catholic priest in Wrocław in western Poland on Monday.

“It is a mockery of millions of Poles, even if not all of these millions are believers,” said the deputy PM.

“This atmosphere of derision, undermining the Church’s authority translates into specific threats − a madmen’s actions,” he added.

He stated that “the instrument of rivalry with a political party should not translate into any radical ideologies contrary to the values ​​of millions of Poles, and even more to build an atmosphere of conflict around the church.”

Fr Ireneusz Bakalarczyk, 48, suffered wounds to the chest and had to undergo surgery after he was stabbed recently by a 56-year-old man. The accused has been arrested.

A spokesperson for the Wrocław Archbishop’s office said: “As far as I know, the attacker did not say a word, we can guess that it was not a personal attack on a particular priest. It was an attack on a man in a cassock.”

A spokesperson for the hospital in Wrocław where the injured priest is being treated said that his life was not in danger.