Scorching June sun leaves Poland sweltering

With highs touching 35C (95F) and lows hovering around 20C (68F), plenty of sunshine, cloudless skies and a mild warm breeze have left residents gagging for some respite from the heat.

However, the Polish met office (IMGW) has issued heatwave warnings instead for all regions of Poland and stated that cooler temperatures are at bay.

In a statement, IMGW has said that the weather conditions were “alarming”.

All regions have been placed on an orange or level 2 alert as IMGW has extended heatwave warnings for Wednesday in connection with prevailing heat across the country. The second-level warnings are valid until late evening.

“Adapt your plans for weather conditions,” IMGW has appealed.

According to IMGW, a second-degree warning against heat means that high temperatures may pose a threat to health and life. Disruptions in daily functioning are also expected.

In connection with the heat, Poland’s Government Security Centre (RCB) has recommended: “limiting outdoor activities, drinking a lot of non-carbonated water, avoiding physical exercise in the sun and avoiding drinking alcohol as it dehydrates the body, in addition to wearing headgear.”

During the hot spell, children must not be left in a closed and locked car. Animals should not be left in unattended cars. In case of symptoms of hyperthermia − accelerated breathing, high temperature, nausea, dizziness or chills − residents can seek help by calling 112 or 999 emergency numbers.