Duda-Trump meeting a ‘sign of healthy, solid relations’: official

Polish President Andrzej Duda’s visit to the White House testifies to the very good relations between Poland and the United States, Stephen Mull, former US ambassador to Poland, said.

In an interview for the state-run Polish Radio, the diplomat stressed that this was another important event in Polish-American relations.

He noted that President Donald Trump is the latest in a number of US heads of state who regularly meet Polish leaders.

“This is a sign of very healthy and solid relations between our countries,” he said, adding that he expects the announcement by the presidents of the decision to increase the military presence in Poland.

He emphasised, however, that this does not have to take place in the form of building a traditional military base known as “Fort Trump”.

“I am reminded of the famous words of the former Soviet Prime Minister [Nikita] Khrushchev, who said that there are various routes to socialism. In the same way, there are different ways to ensure security for Poland and us,” the former ambassador added.

Mr Mull expressed his conviction that Polish and American experts would decide whether a solid military base or a more rotational presence of American troops on Polish soil is better.

Currently, 4,000 US troops are stationed in Poland as part of NATO's strengthening of its eastern flank. Warsaw wants a permanent US base, which President Duda has dubbed “Fort Trump”.

President Duda and the Polish First Lady are paying an official visit to the US and will be welcomed by President Trump and the US First Lady at 6pm (CET).