EC’s Juncker: Tusk works only part-time

The President of the EC says he would have preferred to have got the job of being President of the European Council, as its less work.

Jean-Claude Juncker interviewed by Politico has intimated he is envious of Donald Tusk having the job of President of the European Council. “Its easier to have a part-time job than a full-time one. President of the European Commission works 18 hours per day. The President of the European Council? Less, definitely less,” revealed Mr Juncker.

This is why Mr Juncker admitted that back in 2014 – by then a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg – when decisions on who would get the big jobs in the EU were being made he would have preferred to have been appointed President of the European Council and have had a smaller workload.

He felt that the job of being President of the EC was not only demanding but also lacked real power. “As the President of the EC you are not really a decision maker. These are taken by the Council of Ministers and the European Council,” he said.

The fact that relations between Mr Tusk and Mr Juncker have been strained on occasions is not the best-kept secret in Brussels. Mr Juncker has not disguised that he feels he is more experienced in EU affairs.

In Poland, Mr Tusk liked to play football, regularly visited his home base near Gdańsk for long weekends. When in opposition he was known for taking frequent skiing holidays.