Poland allocates over EUR 700m for humanitarian aid: official

The Polish government has earmarked nearly PLN 3bn (EUR 704 mln) for development and relief efforts in other countries, Michał Woś, Poland’s plenipotentiary in charge of humanitarian aid said on Wednesday.

This money would be used directly in crisis situations, that is, for the construction of hospitals, for the provision of medical assistance, for basic safeguards and to support refugee camps, Mr Woś told state-run Polish Radio.

He added that these funds reach the needy in different ways. Either they are sent directly to the countries, or it is done through organisations, via those which operate on the spot or those which cooperate with other institutions, such as the Church.

“This is very important to us, because our government’s policy is to provide assistance on the spot, or as close to the place where the crisis is,” he said, adding that such a policy is also a form of counteracting the migration crisis that is a problem for the EU.

Mr Woś stressed that Poland is aware of its responsibility as a member of the international community, hence its allocation of considerable resources to development and humanitarian aid.

“Of course, the most important and absolute priority, above all, is the individual, and helping the needy, those people affected … by armed conflicts,” he emphasised.