Polish mining institute creating CO2 minimisation plans for eight EU regions: academic

A new carbon capture, utilisation and storage initiative, set up by the EU to lessen the CO2 impact of the coal mining industry in the runup to the 2030 Kyoto Protocol deadline for having emissions is being worked on by the Central Mining Institute in Katowice PolandIN, Professor Krzysztof Stańczyk told PolandIN

Professor does not see Poland being able to replace its coal-powered electricity generation industry in the short term and therefore believes that measures to make coal cleaner have a role to play in energy policy.

The areas which will come under the initiative include regions in France (two locations), Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Romania and the Professor’s own region of Silesia, which is Poland’s coal and heavy industry capital.

Methods such as the underground gasification of coal are not currently in use but research is going on in South Africa and Australia as well as in Poland.

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